PRIMAVERA WORKS, established in 1996, is a social enterprise of the Primavera Foundation.
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general Services

Services & Work Request

The type of work you can request may include:

  • general labor
  • moving
  • landscaping / water harvesting / buffelgrass removal
  • construction cleanup
  • light manufacturing / assembly
  • retail / restaurant
  • janitorial / housekeeping

Request Work

You may complete the work request form here or contact us at (520) 882-9668 for current rates.

You can hire individual workers or supervised crews:

  • Yard Maintenance Crews (4 workers + supervisor; or 2 workers + supervisor);
  • Moving Crews (2 workers + supervisor (moving truck included);
  • Individuals

We can provide workers for any length of time and they are fully supported for the length of any job assignment (Please note: We have a 4-hour minimum for individual workers):

  • short-term, project-specific work crews
  • contracted long-term crews
  • as-needed special event crews

Learn more about our Water Harvesting services.

Taking care of people in my community is something close to my heart.

“I hired Primavera Works for landscaping, house cleaning, and painting, who gave above and beyond service. I was so thrilled with the results! I also donate to Primavera because taking care of people in my community is something close to my heart. I know in a moment’s notice how quickly life could change.”

-Lora Jones, Primavera Works customer

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